International Affairs and Environment  

International Affairs and Environment

International Affairs

The International Affairs of Soodeh Educational Complex started its activities in 2003 with the aim of educating students in the field of international scientific activities, culture and art. We are proud to say that during this period, with our continuous active participation in international scientific conferences and international competitions, we have gained valuable achievements.

Soodeh Educational Complex has received numerous letters of commendation. The participation of students, teachers and honorable parents in international conferences in Sweden, Finland, Argentina, China, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, Turkey, Britain and India, the receipt of letters of commendation and honorary diplomas is a part of achievements of this complex. 

Environmental  Department of Soodeh Educational Complex

Aware of the need to preserve the environment and learning in school, the Environmental  Department of Soodeh Educational Complex began its activities in 1985. Global crisis has caused irreparable damage to humans and environment and we found that we should carefully and continually pursue environmental  education from pre-school to pre-university ,so specific time is dedicated to study environmental protection.

This complex membership in UNEP, UNESCO, Life-Link, FEE, Clean up the World (Australia) ENO and with the cooperation of the strong Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of Tehran Municipality, this complex was chosen as the first green school in Iran. The selection of this complex as environmental school is another banner of achievement of this department. The participation of students in global organizations in numerous local and foreign exhibitions and presenting scientific projects to advance the objectives of global environment organization, we have been honored to receive numerous letters of commendation. We are grateful to God for granting us success in service in the rescue, protection and land conservation and since this requires critical thinking and group collaboration, we invite all nature lovers to help in advancing this sacred objective.  


Smart school is a physical school wherein its management and control is done based on computer and network technology and most of the subjects are electronic.

In such school, a smart student spends her time on topics continuously, expand and change the implementation of resources and it is at this point that school officials, considering that the level of information has been increased, the students are prepared for more new information. 


The objectives of creating this kind of school are as follows:

  • Comprehensive development of the students (intellectual, physical, emotional, and mental)
  • Upgrade individual abilities and capabilities
  • Training of manpower familiar with technology
  • Increase improvement and general participation

    On this basis, Soodeh Educational Complex, has contributed in building a smart school which efficiently used educational software to advance its objectives. 

    Some Capabilities of this software:

  • Helps the management in analyzing and utilizing the different reports and charts.
  • Quick and easy access to all school information (students and teachers)
  • Protect, maintain and provide comprehensive and integrated information
  • Possibility to localize software to prevent repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Possibility to define multiple users with the capability to define levels of various accessibility
  • No restriction on the number and capacity of information on student records


    More capabilities of educational software which are used at Soodeh Smart Classes are as follows: 

  • Define structure of sources in three levels (title, chapter, sections)
  • Capability to add the prepared contents in every subject in various formats like: simple subjects, hypertext, photos

    Possibility to Manage Students

  • Possibility to determine for students and submit scores of homework automatically
  • Possibility for the teacher to view scores of class and homework
  • Possibility to determine the levels of access on different parts of the subjects

    Building the Electronic Interaction Contents

  • Possibility to build electronic contents in the following formats
    • Multiple choice
    • Matching
    • Puzzle
    • Blank space
    • Marks on photos or drawings
    • Question and answer
    • Short answers
    • Various interaction games
    • Review of lessons



      Some portal facilities of Soodeh Educational Complex

  • Expand effective communication between school, parents and students
  • Possibility to illustrate various workbooks and educational charts and discipline
  • Implementation of office and educational activities by the principal and teachers anytime (day and night)
  • Contact with school environment outside of class hours
  • Cultural upgrade by correct usage of new technology in schools