Clubs and Activities  

(1 English-2 Art-3 Environment-4 Research-5 Health and Nutrition-6 Technology- 7 Sport) 

  1. English
    • From 1st grade our students start to learn the very basic principles of English. Their main subject such as Mathematics, science and Literature are taught in English and Farsi.

      Our books are exclusively compiled for Soodeh Students and all our teaching methods have been trialed in work-shops and through PILOT tests.

      Students become prepared to take the Cambridge YLE exams from 3rd grade.

      Our teaching strategies revolve around the following methods

      • *Communicative approach
      • *Natural approach (native/English environment)
      • *Entertainment, songs, role playing, games
      • *English presentations, English field trips and events
      • *Pair work, team work
      • *Digital games 
  2. Art

    To imagine, to create is the essence of art; to explore art and humanities is to nurture our creative instincts.

    In Soodeh we believe that nation’s future depends on creativity. It is our job to put this task into act. With every calendar event and school project we ask our students to convey their ideas and to create the products of their ideas.

  3. Environment& Society

    Soodeh is a national awarded school for its green fundamentals and well recognized for its environmental tenets. Considering Soodeh’s facility and its capacity;environmental and social improvements ally with our goals. Hence to achieve these goals we decided to dedicate some of school hours to unravel issues regarding these matters.

    Protecting Environment hand books are practiced in our classes and parallel to that a subject called life skills is being taught. Life skills works on raisingawareness in society, understanding different views and it is set to improve our living standards.

  4. Health and nutrition


    • School Food is committed to promoting healthy food choices among our students and maintaining high nutritional standards while offering delicious, healthy, and satisfying menu choices. The school environment is one of several settings that can influence children’s food choices and eating habits. Schools can ensure that the available food and beverage options are healthy and help young people eat food that meets dietary recommendations for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat or low-fat dairy products.
    • The Special Milk Program provides milk to children in schools and childcare institutions who do not participate in other Federal meal service programs. The program reimburses schools for the milk they serve. Schools in the National School Lunch or School Breakfast Programs may also participate in the Special Milk Program to provide milk to children in half-day pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs.
    • It’s been proven. The better kids eat and the more active they are, they better they perform in the classroom. For instance students who participate in recommended amounts of physical activity miss less school and students who eat breakfast at school perform better academically and behave better.
    • Our evidence-based approach to school wellness, the Healthy Schools Program, lays out the steps to not only get students eating healthy but to teach them why they’re eating healthy; to get students active but also show them how to stay active for a lifetime; and to get teachers to teach health while staying healthy themselves.
  5. Sport

A healthy mind requires a healthy body. Physical education is one of our important classes. To maintain physical skills and to encourage our students we haveprovided some entertaining approaches and facilities. Our coaches have an eye for discovering each pupil’s ability for different sports and we are proud to have as many athletes in our school.

All students whom studies in Soodeh, have the chance to learn swimming; we introduce different sports to students and they have the liberty to choose their sports.

More than 5000 square metre of our premises is allocated to multipurpose gymnasium which includes pool and sauna, ballet classes, skating hall, martial art, gymnastic hall, ball sport hub and an ice rink.