PTA Student Forum  

The aim of Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and the Students forum is to foster better relationships between parents and their children's schools.

PTA create a partnership which helps the school listen to and deal with parents' concerns; and for parents to learn more about the school and how to improve their children's education. PTAdo not necessarily represent the views of all parents but they can be an excellent forum for communication and a basis for partnership between parents and schools.

At our schools all parents/carers and teachers can be members of the PTA.

our PTAs hold their general meetings every two month depending upon the agendas the meetings might be held in a shorter intervals. At this meeting a committee is elected to run the PTA – usually consisting of a chair, a vice-chair, a treasurer, a secretary and ordinary committee members. These ordinary members include at least one, and often two, parents from each class as 'class reps'. Their job is to pass on information from the PTA to other parents in their child’s class.

PTA committees usually meet 3 times a term and set up smaller working groups to organise individual events